Sunday, November 23

Vauxhall City Farm winter woolies day

A very successful day was had at Vauxhall City Farm yesterday - we spun, knitted, felted and ate cake and sold about £350 worth of goods ranging from a second-hand spinning wheel ('needs attention') to hand-spun and knitted Ipod cosies. We hope to be able to give a donation towards the running of the farm, and will be able to keep our group going with the remainder of the money.

The older ladies of the group were shocked by the power of the Ravel; posting information about the event on a few groups on Ravelry generated interest from quite a few spinners, knitters and weavers, who loved our handspun and naturally-dyed yarns. Most of them fell in love with the baby alpacas and they were all amazed by the farm itself - it's the kind of place you wouldn't notice unless you were specifically directed to it. Hopefully we will get a few new spinners at the Saturday group - we could do with some new blood, and I have found that it is a great place to pick up tips and ideas from crafters with decades of experience. Only yesterday, in fact, Rita showed me a cast-on that I had never seen before - and believe me, I have seen many cast ons!

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along and join in the fun - it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying our modest event, and great to meet so many new faces.

And I do hope that the lady who fell in love with the wheel got it home ok on the tube!

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