Tuesday, December 29

Pimlico take two

I first made one of these three years ago - looking back I see pleasingly that it was finished around the same time! It's a great pattern that's free to download from Ravelry and is quite easy to make as long as you can knit in the round. It takes a couple of balls of 4-ply to make - you can probably get away with anything between about 60g and 100g in total.

Last winter I dropped it somewhere during a day out and was rather pissed off - I'd really come to love it, it's great for wearing inside a buttoned up jacket or coat, particularly if you have a funnel-neck coat like mine. 

But it was near the end of the winter season and I didn't bother making another one, so I didn't realise quite how much I missed it until this year when it got cold enough (briefly) to need a scarf again. Cue frantic scrabble for yarn and needles, and casting on again for a new one. I chose Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply in grey; beautiful wool that really suits the lacey pattern and is super soft on the skin.

A few car journeys later and it was ready for blocking. Now I'm enjoying having my cowl back on. Just got to make sure I don't lose this one - perhaps a piece of string to tie it to my collar?!