Tuesday, February 24

Quick meme

Thanks to Natalie at the Yarn Yard for linking to me in her short meme. I am returning the favour by doing the meme (something I don't normally get involved in because, as she says, they are often quite long and I'm quite lazy!)

1. What can you hear, right now?
I'm in work early, so I can hear girls gossiping in the kitchen (just over the filing cabinets from my desk - it's amazing what things people talk about when they don't think anyone can hear :-o) and blokes being blokey over the filing cabinets the other way. It's not like I sit in a cupboard or anything, although it sounds a bit like that doesn't it?! We have a fairly open plan office and we have quite a few staff who like the sound of their own voices :-(

2. What will you have for dinner tonight?
Tonight we are having homemade meatballs - I use a Jamie Oliver recipe for the meatballs and make a rich tomato sauce, possibly with some peppers too as I know there are some in the fridge. We'll have it with tagliatelle and I will probably make a bit extra for my neighbour downstairs who is recovering from a broken hip.

3. Crossword, sudoku or boggle?
Definitely crossword - I don't even know what boggle is! And I find sudoku a bit boring. The Curse has started doing crosswords recently and I find myself being like my mum was to me when I was a kid - he comes to me with all the ones he can't do and I reel them off to him! This is quick crosswords we are talking about, not cryptic ones - I can do the odd cryptic clue but need more work to get good at those.

4. Favourite biscuit?
A tough one, but probably ginger nut. I could just about eat a whole packet in one sitting (obviously you need a few cups of tea too), which I couldn't do with any other biscuit as far as I know. Fruit shortcake are also very underrated in my opinion. If you are the sort of person who likes to debate and ponder the pros and cons of different biscuits, may I recommend a Nice cup of tea and a sit down.

5. Which magazines do you read?
Well you know about those already, although there is a postscript. After I wrote about how great Craft was, I got an email telling me that Craft and Make are now going to be combined into a single publication - it seems that they have not been able to make Craft viable as a separate magazine. I was very disappointed, but I'm going to wait and see what the next issue is like - after all, I've never seen Make and I might be pleasantly surprised.

I'm not going to tag anyone for this meme, but I'd like to know your answers if you have the time and inclination! Either put them in the comments box, or if you have a blog, post about it and let me know!


pixlkitten said...

I can hear "The Simpsons" on t.v.
For dinner tomorrow (too late for tonight) I will roast a chicken in the crock pot and serve it with rice and green beans. Crossword all the way, baby. Mags= Interweave Knits, Cooking Light, Family Fun, Cooks Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

pixlkitten said...

Oh, and chocolate chip cookies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Hubby, teenage daughter & I returned last month having spent a month in England visiting family & a month in Europe. Spent a week in Wales while daughter was horse trekking at Hay On Wye and I came across the Welsh cakes, I thought clotted cream was my favourite but now I have had Welsh cakes its a tough choice. Anyways, the Nice cuppa tea website had a recipe for the Welsh cakes so thank you. Also noted comment about being the backup driver of the crossword - perhaps thats why you asked - because the doer thinks quick means ask for the answer rather than hunt it down. Sorry to hear about favourite mag, it happened to a gardening mag I read for years here in NZ, and the rendition was awful - full to boot with ads & ghastly modern landscaping. Readers must have dropped away because 3 years later the 'old' style reappeared under much flag waving & trumpets. Now Im back to reading it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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