Sunday, February 8

Still churning out those FOs!

This was the first, now there are two - facilitated by the train trip to Arundel last weekend and a bit more waiting time in the hospital this week when I brought my neighbour home.

It's the Leaf Lace sock pattern from Vogue Knitting's ultimate sock book. The Ravelry link is here. Knitted in Yarn Yard sock yarn (which has been languishing in my stash for a while). I enjoyed knitting them even though they are done top down and have a heel flap - I think it's important to keep practising these techniques from time to time, even if I wouldn't choose to use them on my own designs.

The picot cuff works very well - although on the first sock I didn't have the patience to knit it down while I was making the sock - instead I stitched the edge down afterwards. On the second sock I decided to have a go, and it worked out very nicely and was much less fiddly than I thought it would be. Visually they don't look much different.

I also learned a good tip for grafting the toe - to avoid having 'corners' on the toe, which always seems to happen to me, slip the last stitch at each end over its neighbour before starting to graft.

Also finished this weekend - a pair of felted slippers for big sis for her birthday. I used a pattern from Drops and also used the suggested Eskimo yarn in two different greens.

As you might expect, the slippers are huge. I'm not going to show them yet since they need to be felted and we are currently suffering a drain blockage so the washing machine is unusable right now. I will try and remember to photograph the before and after for comparison.

They were extremely quick to make (about 4 hours in total, I think) and if they felt well, I might consider making a second pair for a friend who also has a birthday soon.

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