Wednesday, February 25

Slipper saga

The first knitted gift I made for The Curse was a pair of felted slippers using the Fibertrends felted clogs pattern. But I didn't have the right weight of yarn and my assumption that I could just carry on felting them until they became small enough for his feet proved unfounded.

I was determined not to fall into the same trap when Big Sis requested a pair of slippers for her birthday. So I selected a different pattern - the Drops version, I bought the recommended yarn (Drops Eskimo) and I did it all as detailed in the instructions. (I found a link on Ravelry to additional instructions by Ravelers that turned out to be invaluable - can't lay hands on it at the moment but if you are interested please PM me. It includes a written-out version of the instructions, and hints on making up the slippers)

Here's the felted slippers (she takes a size larger than me)

Here's the leather patches I cut out and sewed on as soles (which almost killed my poor RSI-inflicted hands)

And here's a second (pre-felting) version for my friend Lisa (of the lovely earrings) whom I'm visiting this weekend. I'm not sure if she is getting leather soles or not...!

The pattern is great though - each slipper takes just a couple of hours to make, they are chunky wool on 8mm needles. Felting, shaping and finishing with leather soles adds some additional hours.

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Gareth Gardner said...

Awww love the pink and grey!