Sunday, December 9

Deck the halls!

Last week I received a very touching gift from the Queen of Crochet (who soon may have to be renamed to Queen of Fibrecrafts!). These glorious knitted christmas tree decorations are a real triumph - she managed to deal very well with the colourwork at her first attempt and produced these gorgeous little items for me.

To be totally honest we hadn't really thought about getting a christmas tree this year (especially after I saw the cheapest ones down at Sainsbury's were £22.99!) but we might have to relent now we've got such unique decorations for it!

I am always torn between the feeling that christmas isn't really christmas without the smell of a pine tree and a host of fairy lights in the corner of the lounge, and the sadness of throwing out the tree after a few weeks, its faded glory reminding me what a waste it seems.

I suspect we will be treeless again this year - the Curse is very good at moaning about wanting a tree, but not in the least bit proactive in going out and getting one so it usually falls to me to decide - but we will certainly have to have some kind of decorations so that the knitted baubles can take pride of place!

PS There will be more about The Wheel once I have calmed down a bit!


Rowan said...

b&q are doing 60cm high pines for a tenner. I bought one to go on top of a cabinet (and out of reach) in our living room with our big artificial tree in the dining room where the imps can't get at it :-)

I know you don't have the luxury, but I'm putting the pine in the front garden after 6th Jan, see if I can keep it going for next christmas.

Knit Nurse said...

Thanks for the tip-off, someone else told me that yesterday when I was moaning about it. Just got to send the Curse out for it now ;-)

It's always a lovely idea to put the tree in the garden afterwards, but I can practically guarantee by next christmas it will look awful! My dad tried this several years running but gave up after ending up with a garden containing several runty pines... good luck!

Rowan said...

my sister stuck hers in the front garden and its taller than the house now......

Knit Nurse said...

I trust she has a large inflatable Santa on it this year?!

Rowan said...

no, but they deck it with lights. Its incredibly tasteful. not.