Saturday, December 22

Deadline met!

Quick beanie hat for a friend who has his 40th birthday on 3 January. And I thought it was bad having a christmas birthday! Imagine trying to whip up enthusiasm among your friends for a new year birthday!

Anyway the beanie is a very simple design: cast on approx 100 stitches (it's DK yarn on 3mm DPNs) rib two for about 10 rows, then change up a couple of needle sizes and stocking stitch until the hat is about 150mm long (you can add rows of colour if you wish).

Decrease starts with K7, K2tog repeated along round, followed by a K round. Then go down to K6, K2tog followed by a K round. Keep decreasing like this until you have six or eight stitches left in total. Cut thread and draw end through remaining stitches.

Nice huh?

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