Tuesday, December 18

First attempt

I am so chuffed! Look at this! My first attempt at spinning, all on my own without any help!

I took a trip up to the Handweavers' Studio in Walthamstow last week, and picked up some little sample bags of different types of wool; the white shown here is unnamed cheap mix (I think it was just labelled 'carded white wool' or something).

But I was also yearning colour, and luckily stumbled over Julieta's stall on Greenwich Market, which I had totally forgotten about. I don't go down there very often and only popped in to go to the healthfood shop... but luckily for me, I wandered round the stalls a bit and found her. And she sells little balls of merino roving in lovely colours - more appropriate for felting I think, but suitable for my initial attempts and enough to sate my appetite!

That's what the pink is. It was much more difficult to spin, but I found it easier if I made the effort to pull it all apart and fluff it out before starting.

What I was most pleased about was my success at plying - although I'd only seen it demonstrated the once, I found it very simple to do and it worked out brilliantly!

And now the big question; what to make with my little sample? Egg cosy anyone?!


natalie said...

Gosh, that's really pretty. Well done.
You do know that you have to keep this for ever and ever don't you?
For posterity. It's bordering on an heirloom.


Knit Nurse said...

Thanks! I might consider having it preserved in a glass case ;-)

Kimberli said...

I've been DYING to learn drop spindle...(like I need another hobby!)

You should get a cheese plate with a glass dome and just leave it on display until it strikes you what to do with it.

natalie said...

IKEA used to make sort of box-frames. They were about 7 or 8 cm deep with a glass front. I'm not sure if they still do them but they'd be perfect for displaying yarn... must remember to look the next time I visit that emporium.