Saturday, September 5

Liesl and chutney

I have been meaning to post a proper finished pic of Liesl for ages, since it is now my new Favourite FO and I have been wearing it more or less constantly since completion. The button is one of a set of six I bought from Nichols Buttons a couple of years ago and which suit the colour and style perfectly. I decided not to put three buttons on, despite making three button holes, as I thought it might make the cardi strain in an unseemly manner across my chest.

Meanwhile I spent part of yesterday making some spicy chutney - having noticed that stocks of pickle/chutney were low (only two jars left) and knowing that it takes at least a month of maturation before new jars are ready to eat. I get through a LOT of chutney, and the majority of it is homemade.

This recipe is the one that Sal used for the birthday chutney she gave me last year - I enjoyed it so much that I begged the recipe. It's quite different from the ones I usually make, which tend to involve fruits. This one has onions, peppers, tomatoes and aubergine, garlic, the usual vinegar and sugar as well as cayenne pepper, paprika and lots of crushed coriander seed (which I nominate as one of the best aromas in the world!). So far so good - I suspect it's going to turn out really tasty. Now I just have to work out the recipe for the Spicy Apple Chutney I bought from a WI sale in Tenterden earlier in the year. I am saving the label with the ingredients (which include fenugreek, which I've never used before and which I suspect imparted the unusual taste) so that I can always try and guess it if I can't find anything similar.

I was rather chuffed with my homemade labels, which almost look professional!

Later: here's the recipe

900g tomatoes, peeled and chopped
3 red peppers, deseeded and chopped
1 green pepper, deseeded and chopped
1 large aubergine, chopped
700g onions, peeled and finely chopped
4 large cloves garlic, crushed
350g granulated sugar
300ml white wine vinegar or distilled malt vinegar
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon crushed coriander seeds
1 tablespoon paprika
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper

Put tomatoes, onions, peppers, aubergine and garlic into a heavy-based
pan and bring to the boil. Lower the heat and simmer, covered, for
about an hour, stirring occasionally, until tender.

Tip sugar, vinegar, salt and spices into the pan and bring back to the
boil over a medium heat, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved.
Continue to boil for approx 30 minutes, stirring as necessary, until the
mixture achieves a chunky consistency and the watery liquid has

Ladle the chutney into sterilised jars and seal while hot. Best left to
mature for at least a month in a cool, dark place before using.


Rowan said...

I'm about to make chutney - we bought a telescopic apple picker last week and now have quite a haul of cooking apples. Just need to source some jars.

knit nurse said...

You can probably rake in dozens of jars via Freecycle if you can't scrounge off friends and neighbours or do what I do - empty the fridge of all those half-used jars that have been sitting waiting to be eaten for six months or more...

Rowan said...

alas, I've only just done the empty fridge thing and the jars went in the recycling a few weeks back. Might try freecycle though - otherwise I'll splash the cash and go to Lakeland.

Trisha said...

Off topic, but are you still weaving? I also have a Dryad loom, and am having lots of fun with it. I enjoyed your posting on your first weaving project!

knit nurse said...

hi Trisha

the weaving is on hold at the moment but I keep passing the loom in the hall and thinking that I should get it out and carry on. I need to set aside some time for it. Do you have a blog or somewhere where you post pictures of your progress? Or are you on Ravelry? (I'm theknitnurse)

rockymtmama said...

That sweater is impressively lovely! The color, the button, the pattern -I love it!

I have resigned myself to making my own pickle (branston kind) -I can't find it in the grocery store these days :( I miss the taste of it on grilled cheese sandwiches especially. Now you've inspired me to get on with it!

pixlkitten said...

A beautiful sweater! I love the color and the fabric. The buttons are way cool too. You know, I have never actually seen a picture of you -- of all of your face straight on to the camera. And I've known you for two years now. How's about it? Should I double-dog dare you? I will you know. You know I will.

knit nurse said...

@rockymtmama; don't 'resign' yourself - embrace the opportunity with excitement! I make a couple of batches a year of different types and love it with cheese or ham sandwiches, with salads, cold or hot meat - pretty much anything! This time of year is a great time to try green tomato chutney, and you can probably get free green tomatoes from any gardener you know. Mincing them is a bit of a pain but they make great chutney. Much better than Branston as it doesn't have those hard cubes of carrot or whatever they are!

@pixlkitten thanks for the compliments, who knows I might put a photo out there one day! Although face on to the camera is not my best angle :-) I do have a few pics of my face on my Ravelry project page if you want to see what I look like...

the other Rowan said...

I LOVE the labels, they are brill! I have loads of jars if anyone wants to come to kent!

knit nurse said...

@theotherrowan you are known in the house as 'my rowan' while Rowan is known as 'your rowan' (in conversation with the Curse, that is). Confused? me too..

Caterina said...

Ohhh can I have a taster?

Looking forward to catching up between travels (mine and yours!).


C x