Sunday, September 20

On my way out again....

Llansteffan, near Carmarthen

Back at the homestead for about 36 hours before heading off for a few days' cycling. The holiday was glorious - our lucky weather held out and we sampled the extensive delights of Carmarthenshire and surrounds while basking in fabulous sunshine almost every day.

Highlights were beaches, walks, castles (I never knew there were so many in south Wales!) food (cheese, butter, locally-caught salmon and grouse..Cwrw Ceredig (Ceredig's beer) .. I can hear the waistline expanding as I speak!) and of course, Wales' National Woollen Museum!

Carreg Cennen Castle

National Woollen Museum

Teasel machine for finishing cloth

Tenby beach

By a strange series of coincidences and happenstance, I am back off to the same part of the country again tomorrow, this time with the bike and panniers. I will be picking up the clothes I somehow managed to leave in the cottage (:-/ senility is creeping up fast!) and then heading back eastwards over the following week. I have no plans other than a train there, and a booking for the first night in a little hostel nearby. After that, it's me and the road - quite possibly national cycle route 4 towards Swansea and Cardiff - but if the weather does not cooperate, or if the fancy takes me, anything could happen!

I'll be back next weekend for Deptford X, in particular looking forward to Sally Spinks' work 'Knit or Die'.

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