Sunday, October 18

Signs of autumn

The cycling shorts and fingerless gloves are replaced by full-length tights and Goretex gloves (12 October).
First hot water bottle (15 October). We are doing our best to hold out without heating till November. Luckily our flat is quite well insulated.
First sighting of the 'ghost train' past our window (15 October) (it passes at about 11pm all lit up with ghostly lights, I think it sprays de-icer on the points).
Comfort food back on the menu: lamb shanks and mashed potatoes (tonight!)

All the same, the tomatoes on my south-west facing balcony are still ripening - much more slowly but still going red!


Clare said...

You're doing better than we are on the heating! Ours has come on a few times this month.

colleen said...

I weakened last night and put the heating on even though I too was trying to hold out until November with the help of a couple of layers of cardigans. It's my nose that suffers...