Friday, November 30

Not knitting

Is this the ugliest bridge design in the world? It is being proposed as part of the Sustrans Connect2 bid for the 'People's 50 Million' lottery funding. According to the press release:
"Faber Maunsell in partnership with Holder Mathias Architects has been appointed by Cardiff Council to undertake an Options Appraisal for a proposed footbridge spanning the Ely River between Penarth and the International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay.
The bridge, which will be called Pont y Werin (‘The People’s Bridge’), will improve walking and cycling links between Cardiff and Penarth.
Sustainability has been a key focus in the design of the bridge which uses water pumped from the River Ely to act as a counter balance in order to open the bascule bridge. When Pont y Werin is closed, the stored water is discharged back into the river which drives a turbine that in turn activates the lighting system on the bridge."

I applaud the efforts to make it sustainable, and I am a great supporter of cycling, being a keen pedaller myself. However there's no way I can get my head around the fact that this bridge looks like it was cobbled together using oddments found in the bottom of a skip!

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Maggie said...

Gak, that is a revolting looking thing! Didn't they learn anything from London and York's Millenium Bridges? One swayed alarmingly and the other was about 2 years late opening.

I feel that a lot of architects should be taken out and shot! ;-)

Best wishes from sunset Liverpool