Wednesday, November 7

Tomatoes, green and red

Surely some mistake? It's November and I'm still harvesting ripening tomatoes from my balcony! The 12 plants have produced pounds and pounds of fruit, from cherry tomatoes to beefsteak, and they have been glorious!

And it doesn't end there! At the weekend I picked three pounds of green tomatoes and cooked up some green tomato chutney. This morning I picked the rest of the green tomatoes - another SIX pounds - and am in the process of trying to give them away to other chutney makers!

I'd leave them all there to ripen but I need the space and the pots to plant my bulbs in...!

Incidentally, the jars on the right contain Quince Jamalade, cooked up by myself and the Queen of Crochet a few weeks ago. We dubbed it jamalade as it's a delicious cross; quinces, pink grapefruit, apple and sugar!


pixlkitten said...

So does the jamalade travel well? More specifically, does it travel to Washington? Because...Yumm!

Nicola said...

Mmm, yummy yum, chutney :) How big is your flippin' balcony - it sounds like it ought to be large enough for a small forest of tomato plants ;)