Tuesday, March 25

Another new technique!

I finally found the sock bind-off I've been seeking for what seems like eternity. Well, to say I've been seeking it would be a bit of an overstatement, but this loose bind-off suits me very well.

Normally for my toe-up socks I use the sewn bind-off, as described here. My normal bind-off is way too tight for socks.

All well and dandy, as long as you have a tapestry needle to hand. Today I found myself without a tapestry needle, and with a spare lunch-hour in which I intended to finish ribbing and binding off the Express Lane sock I started the other day.

A quick Google later, and I discovered this little hint, which is essentially a regular bind-off with additional stitches added in to make it more stretchy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I used it every four stitches on my 60 stitch round, and it makes it well roomy for the over-heel-manoeuvre.


Nicola said...

That's just what I could have done with for my recently completed socks - they will go on my feet but not without a certain amount of persuasion!

natalie said...

You are brilliant!
I just got to the top of my toe-ups and was wonderig about casting off and there was the blog-post, perfect timing. I used a sewn one as I had a needle. Just got to knit the second sock now.