Friday, March 14

Finished Zocknis

I LOVE these lacey socks! Although they caused me untold aggravation and I don't know how many times I had to painfully go back a few rounds to find out where it was I'd forgotten to do a yarn-over, or failed to pull slipped stitch over....

But I love how they turned out in the end, they fit beautifully after I went up a few needle sizes to 3mm, and my fears that they might be a bit sloppy have not come to pass.

Perhaps I am making small steps towards taking on some more complex lace? I'm certainly going to try some more lacey socks in the first instance.

Another MAJOR piece of news is that, after about a year of trying to perfect my provisional cast-on for toe-up socks, I FINALLY got one of them to 'unzip'!! Apologies to anyone who's not familiar with the provisional cast on and has no idea what I'm talking about, but those who are will recognise a familiar problem! I'm going to try and work out what I did, at least I've proved it is possible. I will experiment a bit and try to write down a failsafe way of always getting this result (alternatively if anyone can point me to one that someone else has already done, I'd be grateful!)


pixlkitten said...

Those are really beautiful. The socks you knit for me are a lovely example of lace knitting. I wear them almost every week. Yet they show no signs of wear.

I also have only mastered the "unzip" only once or twice. Please let me know what you uncover.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I am sooo envious (in the best possible way of course). Ah well, I MUST set a day for the sock day at mine, then! know who ;-)