Sunday, July 13

Totally crafty weekend

Merino/tencel mix from the Yarn Yard, finally finished spinning and plying this. LOVELY colours! It was quite difficult to spin as it's quite slippery and needed a lot of twist, but once I got the hang of it I managed ok. I spun it really fine, this is probably somewhere between sock and lace weight, I might use it to make my first attempt at lace! Don't hold your breath though!

The somewhat cowl, which has been stalled for quite a while, is finally on the home stretch! It was stalled because I was bored with the stocking stitch, then it stalled again because I was hating doing the three inches of 2x2 ribbing around the bottom, but I persevered and finally got to the bottom of the main body.

Now I've reached the 2x2 ribbing of the first sleeve - also quite yawnful but each round is much shorter than the body, so hopefully I won't get stalled on this.

I've also discovered that this yarn, Blue Sky Alpaca's 100% alpaca, is not very forgiving of mistakes or shoddy finishing. I already had to unpick one of my finished ends because it looked dreadful from the right side. I'm not very conscientious at making sure my ends are in suitable places - especially on the body where it's such a faff to rip back when you discover you're at the end of the yarn and it's right in the middle of the front. This has taught me that it's worth making the effort!

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