Friday, January 9

Post-christmas deadlines

You'd think, with the holiday season over, I'd be taking a bit of a break from deadline knitting. But not a bit of it.

When I modelled the Deptford Park Hoodie at my parents' house, my mum was so taken by it that she requested I make one for her too! My mum used to knit, but was always a bit of a reluctant knitter which made for very uneven tension. She didn't really enjoy it, even though she was extremely creative in other crafts (remember macrame?! and those pictures made of pins with shiny thread wrapped round them?). With anyone else I might suggest that I show them how to make it themselves, but she's my mum and I love her dearly so what else could I say?!

I jokingly suggested I could make it for her birthday, which is mid January, but without any serious intent. The weird thing is that the hoodie is so quick to knit, I might even make it!

I'm doing her a washable version in Wendy Mode Aran, which is 50% merino and 50% 'fine' acrylic (as opposed to 'nasty' acrylic?) and I'm already halfway up the first sleeve, with the main body sections completed! No pictures yet due to bad light and the fact that I'm knitting it in a dark grey colourway, but I will try and take some this weekend. If I can tear myself away from the knitting that is.....


pixlkitten said...

Hehe..."nasty acrylic"...hehe

Remember, she used to pick your nose for you. She deserves a sweater. Now that I think about it, so does my mom.

knit nurse said...

Yeah, she also picked off my veruccas and stopped me picking off my chickenpox scabs. Never mind a sweater, she deserves a medal!