Friday, January 23

Say it with flowers!

I love to receive flowers, and when they are sent unexpectedly, so much the better! Many flowers are chosen to convey a particular message.

Take these, for example - what do they say to you?

'I love you'?

Or perhaps 'I'm sorry, please forgive me!'

Sent anonymously they might mean 'I am admiring you from afar but I'm too shy to ask you out!'

Would they perhaps, in some circumstances say 'Thanks for spending ten minutes looking in the archive of your magazine for an article I thought was published in 1999. Actually I was wrong it was in another magazine. But thanks for looking anyway!'

No, didn't think so! Me neither!

I'll admit to being slightly freaked out when these turned up at reception for me today. I knew they weren't from The Curse (apparently our relationship is well beyond the point where I should continue to expect flowers. Especially roses. That boy still has a lot of learning to do).

But to find that they were from someone I'd had a couple of emails from, who'd been searching for an article in a previous issue that I'd been unable to find, was rather disconcerting. (Apparently we also met at a conference in Sweden in 1999; I have no recollection of the man but I obviously had a lasting impression on him!) Anyway it seems the article had been in a different magazine or something, and he was thanking me for looking and apologising for wasting my time.

By sending me a dozen red roses!

Now I would have been touched to receive ANY OTHER type of flowers, but in my opinion, red roses are just plain inappropriate for this occasion. Or am I being old-fashioned?

All the same I can't wait to see the Curse's face when he gets home....!


laura said...

They do seem a bit excessive for that type of thanks, but maybe they were on special or something.

Besides, who doesn't like roses?

I say don't worry about it and enjoy them. :)

Susie Hewer said...
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Susie Hewer said...

Definitely OTT for the occasion but maybe he just didn't think too much about the associations that red roses have.

Catherine said...

Na, roses are a safe bet -- everyone likes roses :)