Thursday, May 14

Knitting news

Despite the lack of posting, I HAVE been knitting. Generally as deadlines approach, blogging is the thing that has to give in my life, which is why there are weeks of silence every couple of months.

Lucetta is finished, albeit still in pieces and no easier to photograph. The finishing will begin tonight, and should be completed by the weekend - I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to look like in this.

I don't know if it's going to be a success or a frumpy failure.

And I think that's what is delaying the finishing - I'm not normally the sort of person who hates sewing up. If you never see this item mentioned again, you can assume the worst.

Meanwhile I have been amusing myself by concentrating on a pair of Nordic Star socks from Vogue's Ultimate Sock Knitting book. I idly cast them on as a way of using the single ball of orange yarn, combined with some grey sock yarn I found in my stash. Halfway down the leg I started wondering if perhaps I might need more than just 50g, considering the stranded knitting theoretically uses up to twice the amount of normal socks. What a good idea, badly thought through!

Oh well, it might make a rather fun alternative Christmas stocking if I run out of yarn after one sock!

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