Sunday, May 23

Kemsing circular walk

Today we struck out for a 6 mile walk from the village of Kemsing not far from Sevenoaks. The directions came from this page of free downloads of walks around the North Downs Way and although not particularly comprehensive, combined with the map they were sufficient to guide us around the route. I've found that there are lots of free walking leaflets to be had online - great if you want to explore a new area without committing to buying a map and/or walking books.

As well as walks built around many of the national trails, most local and county council have a walks section on their website where you can find local routes to follow, usually with maps attached (of varying quality and usefulness) and even in some cases, photo guides to show you the way. Take a look at Kent County Council's walking page on its website and you will find lots of ideas for free.

Today's walk was very pleasant and quite easy, although there is a steep ascent to the North Downs Way and a descent at the other end back into Kemsing.

The countryside is pleasant, with gentle rolling English hills and the views from the top of the ridge were spectacular today. It felt as if we should almost be able to see the sea!


Brianna said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!

colleen said...

Thanks for the tips re council website. I must confess I had never thought of looking there for advice. Doh.