Sunday, July 25

Peckham back yard

Wow, look at those bean plants!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday weeding, fixing the beanpoles (some of which were offcuts from the old apple tree that we cut down a few months ago) planting more beetroot and marvelling over how well the compost is rotting down.

We have beetroot and potatoes ready to harvest.

We have pears.

And we have weeds! Many weeds! Despite my ongoing efforts.

Green Alkanet is my particular hate figure, the bane of my life. It looks quite nice when it flowers but is a pervasive weed and you have to wear gloves to pull it up as it has tiny prickly irritant hairs that get stuck in your skin like miniature acupuncture needles. On the plus side, it's supposed to be great in compost and the roots apparently can be used as a dye. I will report back when and if I managed to get any of the roots out!

We also have copious supplies of foxgloves, scarlet pimpernel, poppies, the odd dandelion and bay willowherb, and lots and lots of seedlings of a small green weed with green 'flowers' that seems to grow everywhere in London. I've got no idea what it is and my wildflower books are no help, which suggests it's not a native, perhaps some cultivated plant gone bad.

UPDATE: It's Annual Mercury it seems. Not the Mercury music prize that is presented annually, but Mercurialis annua.

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