Sunday, July 4

Kitchen deep-clean

This revolting view is the top of my kitchen cupboards. Untouched since we moved in, the likelihood that the previous occupants of our flat ever cleaned them is very low indeed, considering the state they left the rest of the flat in!

But yesterday I decided that it was time to start the deep-clean of the kitchen. I've run out of storage space in my cupboards, especially for empty chutney jars, and the tops of the cupboards make the perfect spot for something that will only be needed on occasion.

You can see from the photo the before (on the right) and the after (on the left) - after the top layer of grease and dust has been scraped off using a DIY scraping tool, that is! Yeuch!

I then had to scrub the remaining debris using a pan scourer and some Bar Keeper's Friend (bloody marvellous cleaning powder that can do the job of any number of other squirty things), along with a bit of elbow grease.

It's going to be a long-term project - I only managed to get one unit top clean, and the cupboards also have to be cleared out, excess crockery disposed of and a bit of rationalisation of pots, pans and equipment carried out. However the jars are now stored tidily on top of the first cupboard, so the first stage is complete and I feel like I've actually achieved something.


Felix said...

I deep-cleaned my car the other day and it is surprisingly satisfying to deal with a long-term dirt issue.

I love your ongoing chutney posts and must start saving your recipes into a book or something as they always sound amazing. I am glad the chutneys and preserves now have a fine, clean shelf to live on.

And the jars.

colleen said...

This is the story of my life, it seems. We don't have one of those extractor fans so...well you don't want to know really. Sounds like I too need a barkeeper's friend.

There is something VERY satisfying about a good clean isn't there.

Rowan said...

I've been putting off doing this to my kitchen on the grounds that we're supposed to be getting a new one fitted. Unfortunately, I've been putting it off for almost 4 years and we're no closer to getting the kitchen sorted ;)

pip said...

How's it goin? I'd love an inspirational 'finished photo' ;)