Tuesday, July 17

Ravelry - tension mounts!

Thanks to the new Ravelry list checker I have discovered some Very Important Facts.

1. I DID sign up. I was beginning to wonder
2. The bad news is that I'm still 2,340 people away from being invited
3. The good news is that I'm not any further back! There are 9,348 people behind me in the queue!

I'll confess I'm not too sure about Ravelry. While I think it's a very exciting idea and I'm sure I'll get drawn in, at least at first, I'm not sure it's a good idea to have anything else to keep me welded to the computer in my free time as well as my work time.

I'm worried it will reduce my knitting time even more than my two blogs, emails, ebays, etc do already. My Ravelry space will consist of an ever-lengthening list of stash and items I want to make, and very few FOs!

Life may be too short for housework, but it sure as hell should include time for socialising, reading, country walks, films, trips to the beach (erm, hopefully we'll make it some time this 'summer') and other things that don't involve computers!

Like I said, I'm not too sure what use I'll make of Ravelry. On the other hand, that's exactly what I said about my ipod.....

PS Apparently some people are getting a bit upset about the fact that they haven't had an invite yet. All I can say is: get a life!


smug sheep said...

It's certainly addictive, but it's worst in the first couple of weeks. Now I think the best feature is seeing all the FOs of a particular pattern you want to try.

rahime said...

I'll keep an eye out for you on there - and I agree with Smug Sheep - you may be glued to it for a week or so, but then it wears off and you find the features that are most useful to you and just pop in once in awhile for those.

Reuss said...

Ditto to what they said, really.

So far, I've loved looking at FO pictures of things I want to try, but mostly I think I'll use it for finding interesting patterns/ideas to do with particular yarns.

anna said...

There are about 973 people ahead of me. I agree with you. I plan to use Ravelry bunches at first, but I still want to make time to enjoy the summer weather, family, and friends. Great post!

Barbara said...

I'm one of the lucky ones, but only because I signed in at the beginning of may already. The first few days after I got in I was spending hours in front of the computer, but nowadays I drop in once or twice a day (like with other knitting related forums, email inboxes etc.).

It's really good to show off your work, and to get inspirations for your next project, but most likely won't take away too much of any knitting time :)

Knit Nurse said...

Yikes Barbara! Once or twice A DAY?! That's what I'm scared of! I was planning once or twice a week!