Monday, July 30

Tea cosy revisited

I made this for Em some time last year - it never got posted on the blog because it was before Knit Nurse's time. So here it is in situ, as seen at the weekend when I paid a visit to Em's house for her birthday party.

As I walked into the kitchen, there it was in all its glory in the middle of the table. If wasn't for the tea stains down the front that evidenced how well used it was, I would have suspected she'd posed it there specially for my visit!

Nice to know that one's gifts are being used and appreciated, it really means a lot!


Anonymous said...
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sockpal said...

Dear Sock Pal,

I have finished your socks and boxed them up. They are waiting, impatiently, on my desk to be shipped to you. I hope you like them. :)

anna said...

aaah, now that is just the sweetest thing ever!!! that's the kind of thing that makes you want to keep on knitting gifts as presents. :-D I love the colors in the that tea cozy.