Monday, July 9

Not much to report

The cursed pink handbag. I mentioned this in the last blog, it's a prop for our Ally Pally film posters and I tell you THIS YARN IS CURSED! I was listening to someone podcasting about cursed yarn the other day (sorry I can't remember which it was of the many podcasts I listen to..) but it's true. Some yarns are just cursed and you will have to cast on and frog many times before you break the curse. This one took about six different attempts, I think. Hopefully I've made it now, but I'm not holding my breath!

Meanwhile, a couple of photos I should have posted after my trip to Bremen last week. Had the chance to nip into Karstadt department store and picked up a few balls of this intriguing Gedifra Korella, which is a linen and acrylic mix, and two balls of Regia Canyon Colour, which is a self-striping, washable sock yarn. Nothing too exciting but then not all of my socks need to be exciting....!

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rahime said...

I love the sheen of that Gedifra!