Tuesday, July 3


These are the Socks that Block! I am totally chuffed with my sock blockers - not only were they desperately easy to make, I just LURVE the hooks on the top, perfect for hanging up the blocking socks to dry! They took about 5 mins (total) to make, and work perfectly.

Here's the finished items. I am sure my sockpal is going to enjoy! I have kept the label from the original yarn so that it can be attached back onto the socks (it's 'locally-sourced' yarn from the Yarn Yard).I'd just like to take this opportunity to apologise to Natalie at the Yarn Yard for the fact that not one single photo I have taken of this yarn does full justice to the richness and beauty of this colourway. If you want beautiful sock yarn (or even laceweight now, I believe) please consider buying from the Yarn Yard. You won't be disappointed with the yarn, and Natalie's customer service is second to none!

Meanwhile I'm racing along with this ever-so-easy item, something that has been requested from me for christmas. I'm not showing the whole thing just in case the intended recipient is looking, but do I get a prize for the earliest start on christmas knitting?!


rahime said...

The socks look wonderful! And I love the gesture of using a local yarn that wouldn't be available to them otherwise.

rahime said...

Oh, btw, those blue socks just had a 4x2 rib topped with 1x1 rib - I was hoping to be able to knit them longer, so I tried the 4x2 rib, but I only know how to bind off 1x1 so when it was clear I was running out of yarn I had to switch.

Jess Poskozim said...

Beautiful colorway and I love the pattern.