Monday, July 23

Tea, cakes and advocacy for older people

Some time ago I was very kindly sent a box of hand-dyed yarn by Kerrie from Hipknits, for our knitting group Meantime Knitters. Rather than try to distribute the yarn, and risk arguments and unseemly behaviour (only joking!) I decided it would be better to try and raise some money.

So on Sunday we gathered at Lucy's very lovely flat for tea and cakes baked by some of our members, and a raffle in aid of Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich - a local charity which pretty much does what it says on the tin, so to speak.

Cathy, a volunteer for the charity, came along and told us what it involves, and enthused some people with the desire to also take part.

Thanks to everyone who came - we raised just over £60 which is not bad for only nine of us. We also ate lots of cake and had a very pleasant afternoon and everyone went away happy with some luxury yarn!

By the way, that's raspberry, blackcurrant and lime cake. MMMMM!

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anna said...

That cake looks scrumptious!!! So glad to see another knitting group participating in helping a local charity! :-D