Thursday, July 5

Busy, busy, busy!

Now that the Sockapalooza socks are done, I seriously need to do a bit of grafting on all the (other) things I've got deadlines for. And that's not grafting as in Kitchener stitch, that's grafting as in getting my head down and making a bit of progress. The fact that it is still peeing down outside will probably help. Any readers over the other side of the pond probably don't realise this, but in the UK we are having the WORST summer EVER! It rained for the whole of June, and now looks like continuing for most of July. Gah!

Anyway, back to the grafting. I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but the knitting group that I run, Meantime Knitters, is involved with Stitch n Bitch London in organising the champagne bar 'learn to knit' area at this year's Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in London. Again, for those overseas readers, this is the UK's BIG show for all the knitters and crafters - it's held at four different locations around the British Isles over the space of a few months, and it's a MUST DO for most UK knitters. That's where we really splurge.

So, we are having a Hollywood theme - I don't want to give too much away right now, but we are currently knitting props that will be central to our knit-themed film posters. We will have simple patterns for visitors to try, a red carpet, fairy lights and various other fun things. My list of things to do relating to this event is as follows:

1. knit a handbag out of the rather lairy pink acrylic yarn I've got
2. design a film poster along the lines of 'coming soon' for all our knit-themed film titles that didn't make the grade (one example: Free Woolly!)
3. design some simple knitted items (i-pod cover, wristband etc), knit them up and write patterns for them
4. source some illustrations of 'how to knit' (casting on, casting off, knitting and purling) so that we can make some crib sheets for beginners to take with them. I was going to try and find something on the internet I could use (with permission, naturally) but now I've decided I can probably do it myself as long as I can get someone with photogenic hands to pose!

ER..that's it.

But not quite. I've also set myself the task of designing and printing some flyers to promote our group at this weekend's local arts festival. They are designed and 'pdf'd, now I've just got to overcome the operator error I'm experiencing with the printer, which keeps trying to cut the bottom off the print area.



Rowan said...

I might have to go along to the Harrogate show, its only half an hour's drive from here

Knit Nurse said...

You should, Rowan - I went there last year and it was great. I recommend popping into the fabulous Turkish baths across the road for a couple of hours beforehand too!

anna said...

Oh no! It's terrible that you're having such poor weather over there. I hope you're able to make progress on your projects!

Maggie said...

Was flicking through our local free newspaper, Merseymart, and on the letters page was a letter from a local clairvoyant who says the rain will stop on the 14th July and it will be very hot, temps of 40 degrees. So you might want to get anything very woolly finished before then just in case she's right. ;-)

Best wishes from Liverpool