Saturday, July 14

Hurrah for Brittany!

Received in the post this morning: two replacement needles for those that suffered at the hands of the Baudelaire socks!

I WILL be buying Brittany again in the future, I'm impressed by their customer service and delivering on their guarantee, no questions asked (although a short reply to my email would have been nice...)

And thanks to everyone who suggested that it was worth following up on!


anna said...

See, I knew they'd come through! I'm so glad you were able to get your replacements in a timely manner. Brittany is definitely on their p's and q's!!!

Nicola said...

Hurrah indeed for Brittany! It never even occurred to me to ask for a replacement for the Brittany needle I snapped during my first abortive attempt at Jaywalkers - I think it's a bit late now! Thanks so much for the idea about 1x1 ribbing (I'd never considered what actually makes the ribbing stretchy...) I'd like to have ribbing so I think I'll try the 1x1 on sock #2 and see how the two compare. You could have salvaged my Sockapalooza :)