Monday, July 23

Biorhythms from hell

Stupid/avoidable things I have done this weekend.

1. Accused The Curse of losing the potato peeler. I looked and looked in the cutlery drawer but couldn't see our turquoise-handled potato peeler. Which was because it was lost a couple of years ago and replaced by a black-handled potato peeler which was staring right up at me. But the Curse, used to being in the doghouse for losing/breaking/forgetting things, gamely emptied the whole of our 30 litre kitchen bin with his hands, rotting fruit and all, in search of the elusive potato peeler which he was convinced he'd thrown away with the peelings earlier in the week.

2. Tipped a pot of diluted PVA glue all over myself and the bedroom carpet. This was stupid because I was carrying it around on the top of an open stepladder, and as I was trying to manoeuvre it past the bed, I was thinking 'oh boy, that pot looks a bit precarious, I guess I should take it off and carry it separately...oops!". I was lucky because I was wearing my decorating clothes, and our bedroom carpet is acting as a stand-in dust sheet until we finish the painting anyway.

After finding the potato peeler a day later (just by opening the cutlery drawer) and hearing about the glue incident (he wisely stayed downstairs during the expletives) the Curse just said "Your biorhythms must be out".

This is a salutory lesson and reminder of the fact that I give him too much of a hard time sometimes. I can't imagine that I would have said anything quite so kind to him if the boot had been on the other foot!

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Rowan said...

its nothing compared to the abuse he gets on Blueflag :-)