Sunday, April 17

Finished objects

I am still making things, I just keep forgetting/running out of time to take pictures, or to blog about them!

The sock is the Falling Leaves pattern from Knitty; been meaning to make this pattern for ages but I assumed that, because it has 72 stitches on the round (and I normally use only 60) it would be too big for my feet and I would have to mess around with gauge. In fact, even with all the lacework going on, I can only just get this sock on! Either I've knitted to an uncharacteristically tight gauge, or my feet have ballooned - but I think I would have noticed the latter.

I picked up the lovely bright green yarn on special offer from Natalie at the Yarn Yard, who seems to like green almost as much as I do! I see she has another great colourway 'sprout' on there at the moment!
With the colour and the pattern, this sock makes me think of the fresh young leaves that should be peeking out just about now in beech woods all across the country. Must get out and see a few!

Meanwhile here's a bit of crochet bunting - star pattern courtesy of the Royal Sisters (you need to block the stars out with pins to get real pointy points) and joined to a long crochet chain on the second row of single crochet. The stars are made out of sock yarn leftovers, the crochet chain out of DK cotton.

I hoping this will bring some quirky glamour to a friend's Highland hoosie.


Anonymous said...

I like a bit of knitting but I would love to master the lovely things you manage with socks! These are absolutely gorgeous.


Kate said...

Those socks are gorgeous (and the yarn's pretty wonderful too). I really, really must master socks...

colleen said...

Both stars and socks v jolly indeed. Spring is definitely in full throttle.