Friday, August 26

Two at a time

This is my current work in progress - first attempt at knitting two socks at the same time. I've made great strides over the last week due to train journeys to Eastbourne and Bishops Stortford to visit friends, and am finding it pretty easy.

The Magic Carpet yarn from the Yarn Yard was the catalyst that made me try two at a time; it's knitted out of two strands of sock yarn, and dyed in its knitted state, so that when you unravel it and knit it into socks, the colour changes match.

Loving the colours although finding the unravelled yarn a bit annoying, obviously it doesn't knit up as evenly as it would if I were to wash it and straighten it out a bit. I'm assuming it will all even out when I wash and block the finished socks.

Now slightly curious about the heels (I do short rows). I guess I have to do one at a time, won't be able to manipulate the needles otherwise?

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