Friday, September 16

Torcross and surrounds

The Curse and I took a trip to Devon last week, and enjoyed a good few days of warm sunshine, a couple of showery days, and one day when it pissed it down all day without remorse. Such is the British summer of course - but it didn't stop me swimming in the sea nearly every day and we enjoyed a couple of good walks and some lovely visits to the towns of Dartmouth, Kingsbridge and Totnes.

We ate and drank very copiously, read the paper and did the crossword every day, a rare luxury, and had plenty of time to chill out. Here's a few highlights.

Slapton Ley at dusk

Torcross and its beach - my morning swimming spot

The River Dart at Dartmouth

Transition town Totnes - the original transition town. These guerrilla-gardened planters on the quays are full of veg, herbs and edible flowers, with signs urging people to help themselves (and handy hints too!)


Gareth Gardner said...

Love that dusk picture! Beautiful!

colleen said...

Devon looks lovely, but can't help thinking you should have gone to Wales with those gorgeous green dragon socks...