Friday, October 7

A postcard from Folkestone

Taken a few weeks ago when I spent two nights there with my friend Gareth, enjoying the Folkestone Triennial arts festival. We had hot, sunny weather and these fountains, which played away day and night, were hugely popular with all the kids. As for myself, I preferred the chilli and garlic scallops that were freshly cooked up by Chummy's seafood stall (in the background).

Folkestone has a lot more to it than most people give it credit for, and the triennial gives it an added buzz. The cliffs to the west and the east offer great views of the town, and one of my favourite parts is the Lower Leas Coastal Park, which has been very cleverly landscaped to make it feel like a massive area when in fact it is just a thin strip of land along the seafront.

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colleen said...

i was really taken with Folkestone too, though like many coastal towns, the pedestrianised shopping areas do it no favours. And, yes, the Lover Leas is a lovely piece of parkland. We will definitely be going back - and some seafood will be in order.