Thursday, November 17

Famous in Russia!

This morning I noticed that my blog seemed to be getting a lot of attention from Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania - not my normal visitors! And they were all looking at my Green Dragon Socks!

With my investigator's hat on I went to the website where everyone seemed to be coming from, and discovered that they had used one of my photos to illustrate what seems to be a piece about dragon-inspired crafty items (anyone who can read Russian out there?). The site seems to be some kind of crafting website, as far as I can work out from the pictures.

Добро пожаловать to all my Russian readers! (note: I cut and pasted this from Wiki Answers, I do hope it does actually mean 'welcome' and not some awful insult that someone has posted as a laugh...!)

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colleen said...

Who'd have thought it, eh? I have a lot of visitors from Russia - its the rus in the title.