Sunday, April 1

Still knitting!

Just thought I'd show you the socks that are currently on the needles: yarn was donated by my friend Caterina, she got it in a yarn swap but doesn't really knit socks so she passed it on to me. It's a basic toe-up pattern, the stripy yarn does all the work.

For some reason the colours remind me of chocolate limes, or some minty toffees or something. Some kind of hardboiled sweet, anyhow. Makes my mouth water when I'm knitting!


colleen said...

It is exactly like chocolate limes! No doubt they will be known by that name forever - a bit like the Everton mint scarf we have here.

Felicity Ford said...

It *is* like chocolate limes. Ah you can't beat a nice old plain sock in a nice yarn for instant knitting happies... (reaching for needles and yarn)