Thursday, September 27

Family memories

This evening I stayed late at work starting a little job for my dad. After the death of my gran (she of the famous fruitcake recipe) he gathered together many family photographs with the intention of getting them scanned and copies made for those who wanted them.

When he told me he'd taken them in to Boots and been quoted a FIVER for each copy, I nearly fell off my chair; I told him that I would sort them out for him. Luckily our design studio has a good quality scanner and processing software, and it only took me an hour or so to scan almost 50 prints of varying sizes and qualities.

I've ordered a couple of them as prints from Photobox (12p each!) so that I can assess the quality and make sure my dad's happy with them before I order the rest, but in the meantime I thought I would share a few with you.

Here's my dad and his young brother Julian in the garden at the back of my gran's house. She lived in the same house for almost all of her life, from being a teen, getting married and living there with my grandad and her mum, eventually scraping together enough money to buy the place, until the day she died.

My grandad played football apparently, something even my dad didn't know till he found this photo! He's on the far left of the middle row.

Granny and grandpa on their wedding day outside Eynsham church.

My all-time favourite; granny and her sisters having a laugh in the back garden. She's second from the right. I think she really looks like me on this picture.


Rebecca Hunt said...

Gosh Hele, she really does look like you - thats spooky!

colleen said...

That last picture really is a gem. So uplifting.