Tuesday, December 4

Something old, something new

On a visit home last week I remembered to pick up the two things that I'd asked for from my gran's house after she died - her well-worn bread board and her even more well-worn bread knife.

I like the fact that these things she used to use every day are now part of my kitchen; they were always out on the kitchen worktop ready to be used, or in use, with slices of bread waiting to be buttered, or a loaf about to be sliced for some sandwiches for tea. The ancient blade of the knife has been sharpened over decades into a totally different shape, its metal is marked and stained by many years of use, but I only have to glance at it to be transported right back to granny's kitchen.

Ironically my kitchen also gained a brand new tool on the same trip; the whisk with the balls on the end, which was bought at the David Mellor kitchen shop in Hathersage (gorgeous shop, I could have spent a lot of money!).

I used it today to whip up an omelette, and although it was very effective, it was bloody noisy! Apparently you can buy them with silicone balls on the end - I'd probably recommend one of those if you have the choice.


Felicity Ford said...

There is something very comforting about continuing to use the everyday things of people we have loved after they have gone.

I have my Aunty Hilary's tea set and sugar bowl; it was really important to me to keep making tea how she did, and to continue to appreciate and use the things she loved.

I love your Granny's old chopping board and knife. Is there some way of celebrating the exuberant racket of the whisk or is it just *TOO MUCH*? Perhaps next time you make an omelette you can call it "omelette with NOISE" for fun?

colleen said...

Your granny's knife and board are very well worn, and all the better for it. Everytime I use her cake recipe I send a little thank you skyward.

I love it when knives are really worn down. Worn knives are always good as "peg knives". If you ever decide to make clothes pegs from willow or hazel striplings, I could give you a lesson!

Knit nurse said...

@felix I love that idea, an omelette symphony will be born!

@colleen great to hear that my gran's influence continues to make people happy, even those she never met. I think she would have a good chuckle about that. Would love to learn to make pegs! I guess spring is a good time with the new shoots? We should make a date!