Wednesday, September 19

Papa's got a brand new pegbag!

Not strictly true - it's me that's got the brand new pegbag, but it didn't quite work in the title. Bit of a blast from the past for all you fast-approaching forty-somethings. All the rest of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about..sorry!

This tenuous link is courtesy of the new pegbag I knocked up over the course of last weekend. Inspiration from Cosmo's mum's own pegbag, now resident in deepest Kent, and yarn courtesy of the bottom of my stash box and the odds n sods bag.

Despite The Curse's misgivings, the pegs DO NOT fall out of the holes, although they occasionally peek out and say hello! Our previous two pegbags have consisted of small plastic bags which soon got ripped being pulled in and out of the cupboard, so this is a great improvement.

More knitting news is that, inspired by Kelley Petkun's excellent podcast, I am considering tackling socks on two (or maybe one) circular needle, as well as having another stab at the 'magic loop' cast on. I totally failed when I followed Judy's instructions from Knitty, but looking at the original instructions on her website, I now think I have identified the reason. There is one essential picture missing!

Without the FOURTH picture in the series, I was lost! At first I tried following the written instructions, but it wasn't until I studied the fourth picture carefully, and tried to replicate it, that I realised I was going wrong with that particular maneouvre! Once I could see what it was supposed to look like, it all came right. In my previous attempts I wasn't combining the two ends of the yarn in the right way, but now I after a few false starts, I THINK I've got it right and if all goes well, will share the results with you in due course!

I'm using this technique to restart a pair of stocking stitch socks for me, using Regia yarn. My first attempt was most unsatisfactory. Using my standard provisional cast-on and short row toe was clearly not the best solution for this particular self-striping yarn as it came out with thick bands of black and grey on each side of the toe, and a pink stripe on one side and blue stripe on the other side. Not only that, I had misjudged the gauge and by the time I got to the foot it was way too big.

I used this failure as an excuse to bully myself into trying the circular needle/magic cast-on route and hopefully I won't be looking back!


laura said...

I love the magic cast on.

In fact, the pattern I am writing based on the socks i did for you is toe-up even though the original socks weren't.

Of course that means an entirely new heel.... *eyeroll*

Rowan said...

can you crochet?

just finished a little jacket that had a crocheted hem. Absolutely fine just doing a basic DC, but it confused the hell out of me by requiring I do the last row backwards.

needless to say, I just did it in DC and hoped for the best :-)

Knit Nurse said...

That there pegbag is in crochet... however I'm not sure what you mean by backwards...?!

Rowan said...

well thats what I thought. No, I didn't know what it meant either, but those were the instructions. I fannied around with i for a while, and even had a search on the internet, but no joy.

ah well, it'll have to stand as it is.

pixlkitten said...

My Barbie did not come with a peg bag either. It is nice to know that now I can whip one up for her too!

I'll say it again, Magic Cast On ROCKS!

smug sheep said...

Ok, you're definitely going to have to demonstrate the infamous magic cast on! Well done on mastering it