Monday, September 10

New shoes!

Purchased a size too big so that I can show off my hand-knitted socks in them!

Of course now, after a cold summer, the sun is finally here and it's too warm to wear knitted socks! Ho hum, I'll just have to be patient.

Other sock news is that I finally finished the Patricia socks I started WAAY back in April. I needed something mindless for two very long train journeys in a single day, and this fitted the bill perfectly. Granted, I had to spend a bit of time counting up the stitches in the first one and trying to work out exactly what size I'd made it, but once I got that sorted out I flew through it.

The Ally Pally show is taking up a lot of my spare time at the moment - we are now putting together the posters and getting the final bits sorted out. Thankfully I have excellent help from expert designer Rowan (Cosmo's mum) so it seems like the posters are going to be fantastic. I believe she has an MA in Silk Purses out of Sows' Ears.

You will get to see the posters eventually - if you are coming to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally, best to pop along to the champagne bar and see them in their full glory. If not, I'll be showing them here some time in the next few weeks...


pixlkitten said...

Cute shoes! Nice socks too!

soapturtle said...

very cute! And great for showing off your socks.

Nicola said...

I like your shoes a lot - great decision about selecting the size as well :)