Wednesday, October 31

Some squirrel progess

Nearly finished the first squirrely mitten - I am struggling somewhat with the thumb, it's quite fiddly to do on four DPNs. If I had the right sized circulars I would be using them right now, believe me! In fact I might put them on the shopping list ready for the next mitten!

I'm very happy with the quality of the work on the main mitten, even though I think it gets a bit looser towards the top. It took me quite a while to get the hang of using both hands to hold the yarn, and I suspect my tension was a bit too tight at first. But it fits fine, and I think a bit of stiff blocking will do the trick to even it all out.

I've also been busy with other stuff - I've made some progress on the Somewhat Cowl, and I knocked up an eye patch for our piratey knitalong at the Maritime Museum. The latter was good fun as it's a nice space with good light, and there was a respectable turnout from the London Stitch n Bitch group, and the IKnit London group. The SNB ladies were glamorously attired in pirate and sailor gear, while the IKnit group brought along some wonderful props such as the knitted pirate doll with glittery nipple tassles and Craig's jaunty seagull cap. The effect of my eyepatch was diluted somewhat by the fact that I couldn't decide whether it should be worn over or under my specs! Neither really did it justice, and both made my eye hot and my vision even worse than normal!


natalie said...

I'm sure I've seen glove needles somewhere.... petite ones, suitable for fingers and thumbs. Maybe 5 inch Brittany needles would do the trick?

Lovely pattern. I am trying to decide which mitts to knit first.

Knit Nurse said...

I'm using the short Brittany ones, they are ok but I think it's the fact there are four - just fiddly to manipulate.

anna said...

i cannot wait to see those mittens done. they're turning out so lovely. the thumb portion just drives me mad with mittens, so i can understand the fair isle must be 10x's worse! the end result will be more than worth it though! :-D

smug sheep said...

what size needles are you using? Would a long circ (magic loop) help?