Monday, October 22

Squirrel mitts

It seemed somehow appropriate to spend my travelling time in Austria working on these lovely mittens from Elliphantom Knits.

In my typical style, I've had the pattern (and even the yarn!) for more than a year, but my weekend away finally prompted me to cast on, and I'm now well on the way to finishing the first mitten.

I also took the opportunity to try a new technique for the stranded knitting - holding the two different colours in different hands! Since I've never managed to take to 'picking' rather than 'throwing' my yarn, it was not the easiest of transitions, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now! At first I started each round by deciding which colour featured the most, and would hold that colour in my right (throwing) hand. The other would reside in my left (picking) hand for occasional use. I'm now at the stage where I can more or less cope without doing this.

I love the mittens because they are damn cute, but also because they are forcing me to learn a new technique. I'm finding it difficult to get the fabric to lie flat, it is bunching up in places, but that's normal for me even when I'm not trying to use both hands. It's just something I'll have to live with.

People have been talking a lot recently about how many and what type of projects they have on the go at the same time. I think I'm at FIVE right now. There are two large projects (one so large it can't leave the house, the other still in portable size), one pair of socks (currently awaiting a fitting by the intended recipient. I measured her feet and the socks correspond to the measurements, but I still can't believe her feet are THAT long and thin!), there's a tiny gift project I've nearly finished, and now the mittens.

Last but not at all least, a quick bit of eye candy. Here's part of a recent consignment I scored from Natalie at the Yarn Yard. The pic doesn't really show the colours too well, but they are greys and black with swirls of bright orange. Very Halloweeny!!!


cosmo said...

those look good enough to eat... mmm... squirrel...

natalie said...

Gorgeous mittens.

That yarn looks quite different on a ball compared to it's Skein-look.

You are absolutely right, it is very Halloweeny.


Nicola said...

Love the mittens, the colourwork looks lovely and crisp. Well done on guessing the Spanish location :) it is Andalucia, the villa we stayed in is in the Axarquia province and the Moorish looking place is none other than La Alhambra - well worth a visit (if you don't mind being trampled by tour groups composed of elderly Germans every two minutes!)

Laura said...

Those mittens are awesome! I really need to practice more colorwork, and mittens are just a size that's manageable!

I love the Halloweeny yarn!

anna said...

those mittens are just gorgeous! I LOVE the pink!!! :-D sock yarn looks yummy too. definitely halloween certified! ;-)