Friday, August 1

Latest socks (Phew!)

I won't be wearing them for a while since it is rather hot here at the moment, but here are the latest finished socks. Noro sock yarn, made with my basic sock recipe (toe-up, short row heel and toe, sewn cast-off). I like the finished result but was unimpressed by the process. The twisty, rough yarn was not pleasant to knit with.

Having now washed the socks, the yarn has transformed into lovely soft squishyness. In which case I recommend washing this yarn before you knit!

And thanks to Howard and Laura for signing up for pay it forward! If anyone else wants to get FREE, handmade stuff from me, now is your last chance!

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pixlkitten said...

Intersting colorway! I have some Noro sock yarn also. I have heard from so many that it is not pleasant to knit. Perhaps when I am feeling especially masochistic I shall cast on.