Friday, March 27

Slow and fluffy

Progress on Lucetta is slow - not because it is difficult, just because I keep getting distracted by other things. That being said, I've finished the back and one sleeve, so I guess I'm about half way there.

The purple colour and the fluffiness of the Kidsilk Haze makes it difficult to photograph, but here's a pic just to prove that things are moving on, however slowly.

Most of this week's knitting time got sucked up by my notion that I should make something Eastery for the niecelets, whom I'm visiting tonight. What about an egg cosy, I thought? The Lion Brand yarn site has lots of free amigurumi-style egg cosies (go to and search egg cosy, I'm afraid I can't give you a link direct to the pattern because you have to register for the patterns).

They look really cute. So why were mine total pants?

Here's my assessment: wrong yarn (slightly too fluffy and slightly too thick); wrong size crochet hook (by about 0.5mm but combined with thicker yarn - disaster!); didn't crochet tight enough. Who da thought it would be so difficult to knock up a last minute Easter gift?! The cosies are frogged, the niecelets will have to make do with my presence, rather than my presents...!

Meanwhile I am craving socks. During the visit of the folks last weekend, I started teaching my mum to knit socks - we cast on the four needles, joined them and started down the leg of the sock before it was time for them to leave. On the way home, the train was half an hour late getting to their destination but my mum reported that while dad fumed and grumbled, she just knitted calmly on!

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