Tuesday, March 10

Vodka with ice

One of the highlights of a just-over-24-hour work trip to Stockholm was the ice bar at the Nordic Sea Hotel. Very cool, in more ways than the obvious!

One of the other highlights was walking round Gamla Stan in the snow before breakfast. I was interested to see that even several inches of snow does not phase the Swedish cyclists.

The travelling there and back gave me plenty of time to work on Lucetta; I've now finished the back and started on one sleeve. So far the knot count is one per ball of yarn. The cabin staff warned me to put my knitting down as we touched down, to ensure that I did not stab myself if it was a rough landing. I pointed out that my Denise needles were no more dangerous than a pen, and no-one was being warned to stop writing as we landed, but I think some of it got lost in the translation.

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