Sunday, January 23

Sunshine socks completed!

With apologies for the gloomy pics - the greyness is back and it's been impossible to take any decent photos of these socks.

However there's a very sunny story behind their completion! As I got closer and closer to the toe of the second sock I started to get worried about whether or not I would have enough yarn. Every time I picked up the knitting I felt a little sick at the prospect of running out so close to the end, to the extent that the closer I got, the less I wanted to carry on.

Eventually I forced myself to knit until the yarn ran out. It ran out with about six rows to go, but it very definitely ran out. (That's one of the reasons why I prefer to make toe-up socks, so much easier to adjust!)

I threw myself on the mercy of fellow Ravellers; having searched for this particular yarn and colourway, I found a couple of possible donors; Lisa (aka Frownybaby) and Polly (aka pollykerenza). Despite the fact that I was approaching them as a total stranger, begging for the leftovers from their stash, they both reacted with typical Ravelling kindness and were willing to send me their leftovers to enable me to finish my socks.

With Lisa's yarn, I finished off the second sock in about 10 minutes, washed and blocked it.

She would not accept any money for the yarn, even for the mailing, so I resolved the best way to show my appreciation was to make a donation to p/hop.


colleen said...

Happy ending, and another bit of pleasure for this reader.

Northern Girl Knits said...

It's always nice to finish a project!

pixlkitten said...

Yay Knitterz!

pollykerenza said...

Finished socks look fab! Glad you got hold of some yarn.

Catherine said...

What a great recommendation for ravelry. I am just about to turn the heel of the second of my first ever attempt at knitting a pair of socks. I am worried too about running out of yarn as I am making them larger and wider than the pattern (the first sock features in my fishy tales blog post)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks.

They make my efforts look like beginners efforts.