Friday, January 7

A bicycle adapted for two!

Since buying my Raleigh 20 almost a year ago, I always keep an eye out for other small wheeled bikes as I ride around London. I spotted this one parked up outside Dover Mansions on Tooley Street, and had to stop off to take a closer look at the adaptations someone has made!

The second seat is the most obvious difference, but if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can also see the second set of handlebars that has been fastened onto the stem.

And underneath all the quirky adaptations is the original British small-wheeled brand, the Moulton.

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Val said...

I believe my Brother (and the rest of us) learned to ride on a second hand moulton....that looks like a tire the child out (please)bike...or a your to big for me to carry pedal and help bike!