Monday, December 7

Ashdown Forest

Despite a very poor start to the morning, Sunday turned out lovely and I went to visit friends near Penshurst in Kent. This was the source of my last lot of squashes (the last of which I used up in the squash and fennel dish) and I came home with another bagful. Better than having your own allotment, is to have friends with an allotment!

We went out walking in the Ashdown Forest in Surrey, a beautiful area which was new to me. The heavy rain had made the footpaths into little streams, but it was flinty and sandy rather than muddy, so very pleasant for walking.

Getting the two dogs posed for a photo with my friend Rowan was difficult, but we got there in the end. I like this one out of the preparatory shots; Cosmo on the right is the star of the show, he's a natural! Gidget didn't want to be in the photo but eventually acquiesed!

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Gareth Gardner said...

Looks gorgeous! We should go for a yomp there.