Sunday, January 17

Pootling about in Surrey Quays

The new bike got her first proper outing today, the weather being absolutely glorious for the first time in ages. It was also considerably warmer so my feet didn't get quite so cold and I was able to pootle around quite happily for about two hours.

This bike is absolutely made for pootling. The kick stand means I can jump on and off to take photos without having to find somewhere to lean the bike, and the riding position and restricted number of gears make it ideal for riding slowly and leisurely while observing everything around. I fixed the basket to the back rack with a couple of bungies, and was able to just put my bag inside it.

We made our way over to the Decathlon store at Surrey Quays first of all to look for a bell, some lights, spare inner tubes, etc etc. From here we just pootled around through Russia Dock Woodlands, stopping to climb Stave Hill and admire the panoramic view.

Heading off down the long path in the middle of this photo brought us to the basin at the end of Albion Channel, which we then followed back to Surrey Quays and from here back to Greenwich.

The gears did get going in the end and I managed to sample all three throughout the ride. The only slightly annoying thing is that on the whole, the gears change when they feel like it, usually some time after you move the shifter.

Also the chain guard seems to be a bit battered; it worked loose after a while and kept catching on my pedal. Might have to take it off and try to renovate it, or else look out for a replacement.

Today's highlights were seeing a green woodpecker in Russia Dock Woodlands and watching the gulls on the ice that's still covering a large part of Greenland Dock.


Gareth Gardner said...

The bike is looking great! Ideal for a pootle about town. Can't believe there's still lots of ice on Greenland Dock.

colleen said...

Spiffing tales! Exciting to find a green woodpecker.

Stan said...

Felix and I saw a green woodpecker in Richmond Park on Saturday - it looped past us to land on the grass a few feet away and joined us in deer-spotting. Love the bike, beautiful colour.