Friday, December 10

Tea cosies

I love to make tea cosies. As someone who brews up a large pot of tea every weekend morning and proceeds to drink several cups in succession, I am well aware of the importance of keeping the tea warm while it continues to brew.

I reckon I've made at least a dozen in the last few years - from special old-fashioned granny-type cosies for my granny to cosies based on the construction method used in Ysolda's Urchin hat. I've whipped them up during stays in holiday cottages and left them as my legacy, and I've even made a couple where the pompom on the top was almost as big as the teapot!

I wanted to make a new one for granny - the previous version is looking a bit tatty and stained and it's a bit too big for the teapot she now uses. I also wanted to make one for my sis who lives in Austria. I know she misses English tea (Tetley tea bags usually form part of any gift that gets sent) and I figure a tea cosy might be welcome too.

But with Christmas fast approaching there was little time to knit them up. So instead I dug out an old wool jumper that I'd bought off the junk market for £1 and felted in the washing machine, and I 'up-cycled' bits of it into two rather jazzy new tea cosies. I think they are rather successful, especially given the time it took me to make them. Stitching the words 'Short' and 'Stout' onto my sister's full-size cosy was the longest operation.

First get your raw materials. Felted jumper, and some odds and sods of Rowan Kid Classic in contrasting colours.

A bit of blanket stitch later and some i-cord for the top. Ta-dah.

Flushed with success I hit out for a larger version. This time I decided to add some decoration since the expanse of the larger cosy looked rather bare without. The loop at the top is made from the seam that I cut off the jumper.


Felix said...

Bravo for that intrepid and successful upcycling! I love the graphic, papery look of the felted red wool against your bright, line-drawing-esque blanket stitch and embroidered words.

I've always loved your habit of leaving tea cosies in places where you stay...


Val said...

Very Clever !
and Very Festive :0)

colleen said...

I can only think that your Granny (is it she of the delicious cake?) and your sister are very lucky to be the recipients of such seasonal gorgeousness. Next time I go away perhaps you'd like to stay here and leave a tea cosy for me. Please.

knit nurse said...

hehe Colleen, maybe! Yes it's my cake-baking granny who's getting the tea cosy.